Our Story


Hi There!

We are Stephanie and James and about two yers ago we created Moon Cheese. We were inspired to start making vegan cheese, butters and creams after we couldn’t find quality vegan dairy-alternatives in Taiwan.

With it’s large vegan scene, we didn’t think it should be difficult to find compassionate and ethical alternatives to dairy products. After years of experimentation and trial and error we launched our first Moon Cheese product line.

Our cultured nut products are a labour of love, with each wheel of vegan cheese hand crafted with precision. The cashew cream needs to be the perfect consistency before it is fermented, molded and aged in a careful process that can take up to a week for a single production.

We are continually working to develop and release new products, and put on events that help us spread the message that you don’t need to take from animals to enjoy the delicate flavours of cheese.

We called our company Moon Cheese in reference to an old fable, and for a long time quality artisan vegan cheese has been just that – a fable. We hope that you will agree that the “moon” is now in reach.

With Love,
Stephanie & James
Moon Cheese